Dog Play Parks in The UK

We all know that dogs need regular exercise to keep them fit, active and stimulated. Exercise is not only important in providing physical activity for a dog, it also provides opportunities for toileting, investigation, exploration and interaction with people and other dogs.

There are countless reason that any dog might benefit from the facilities a secure dog walking field offers; dogs with poor recall, newly adopted dogs, reactive dogs, boisterous dogs and those that simply enjoy their own company.

Find your nearest dog exercise park or field that allows your dog to run free in a safe secure environment. 

What is a Dog Park?

Dog Parks are privately owned secure areas where dog owners can exercise their dogs safely off lead either in a group or on their own.

Mostly commercial ventures they can be rented out by the 1/2hr or hour, or even by the day and can vary in size from less than an acre to in excess of 8 acres with several field options available.

In addition to safe and secure fencing todays secure fields are likely to have features to enhance the dogs’ natural instinct to run free and investigate their surroundings.

Water ponds and wooded areas may be part of the existing landscape which create their own appeal however many park owners are finding more creative ways to make your dogs visit both stimulating and fun.



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